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Ayesha Lye

Ayesha Lye is an audio producer specializing in dialogue tracks for film, TV, web, radio and podcasts. They have years of experience recording clear and compelling audio for documentary, narrative and experimental works. They’re also a filmmaker, journalist and podcaster.

They started their career as a producer for CBC Radio, working on such programs as Metro Morning, As It Happens, and Cross Country Check-up. They also contributed to podcasts for NPR, The Sick Kids Foundation, Electric City Magazine, and many more. They’re a co-founder of Peterborough Currents, a local news outlet publishing podcasts, video and in-depth articles. They’re also the founder of Peterborough Independent Podcasters, a not-for-profit organization that supports indie audio workers.

They have a strong reputation as a friendly and inspiring organizer, leading their teams towards socially-conscious and community-oriented media production.

Contact them for details on availability, kit information and rates.

Featured portfolio:

  • The Comeback of Eugenia St. Clair (48 hour film)

    The Comeback of Eugenia St. Clair (48 hour film)

    I had a blast this past weekend doing a 48 hour film challenge with my family. It was so much fun! Also hard. Challenging. Rewarding. And a crazy way to spend family day weekend. We’re all big fans of mockumentary comedies like the Christopher Guest movies, Parks and Rec, Schitt’s Creek, The Office… so we…

  • Sound apprenticeship on Grist

    Sound apprenticeship on Grist

    Today was the second to last day working on Grist and I had such a blast! Following a couple crash courses on film sound with Mark “boomwallah” McNeilly I was entrusted with the task of mixing, mic’ing and booming the whole day of shooting. Being the world’s cutest one-person sound department was a tough task…

  • The Greatest Show: The performance that left a legacy through Peterborough’s performing arts history

    The Greatest Show: The performance that left a legacy through Peterborough’s performing arts history

    The Greatest Show was a performance art production that took over Peterborough’s collective imagination in the summer of 1988. Local musicians, performing artists, theatre technicians and more were brought together by renowned Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. They put their creative efforts together to create a “circus of the damned” in Del Crary Park. This…

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Land acknowledgement

I make my home as an uninvited settler on the traditional territories of the Michi Saagig Nishnaabeg. Peterborough is built upon land and water that was shared with settlers with an understanding of mutual cooperation through treaties like the Rice Lake Purchase (Treaty #20) and the Williams Treaties.