Portrait photo of Ayesha Barmania

Ayesha Lye is a sound artist and filmmaker working in Peterborough, Ontario. They have a deep love for sound as a catalyst for ideas, art and community formation.

For many years, Ayesha worked as a radio journalist at the CBC, working on such programs as Cross Country Checkup, Metro Morning, As It Happens, Podcast Playlist, and Fresh Air. They produced several holiday programs including The Next 150 podcast and The Disclosure Dilemma.

They left the CBC to pursue freelance writing and sound art opportunities. Also, to develop their independent podcast Peterborough Currents into a business. Alongside their business partner, Ayesha worked to establish Currents as a reader-funded media start-up that publishes insightful and creative journalism for the Peterborough community.

Now, Ayesha is pursuing film and television – working as an on-set sound technician. They are also learning to direct, write, produce and edit.

Ayesha is also the founder of Peterborough Independent Podcasters, a small not-for-profit enterprise that supports local audio workers and podcasters. And they are a freelance podcast consultant and story consultant – having guided teams, like the Sick Kids Foundation, as well as independent producers, like Claude Schryer, towards the successful execution of their podcasts with education, resources, and hands-on guidance.

Previously, they were known as Ayesha Barmania.